July 22 Wilkins Park, Prince George

This morning we awoke to heavy frost. It was cold but when we got on the water the mist rising from the water was amazing. The sun was out so we would soon warm up to enjoy another beautiful, sunny, hot day on the river.

We packed up the two truck that thankfully we had along as support vehicles, as well as two drivers. They were essential to the trip.

We started the day paddling on the calm waters in the mist but today we had several rapids to get through. We had arranged to have a few local paddlers stern our two Fort Langley canoes. They assured us with the high water we would have no difficulty with the Isle Peirre Rapids. Everyone made it through safely with no upsets but some big wide grins and shouts of laughter.

We ended our 72km on the water today at Wilkins Park in Prince George . Permission had been given to stay in the day park area with a great shelter which we put to use as a kitchen and laundry.

Several paddlers enjoyed a swim in the fast, cold river playing with the inflatable raft.

The canoes waited on shore for our adventure to continue tomorrow with the reenactment arrival at the old fort site in Prince George.