July 25 to White's landing

We drove 35km from Prince George to Stoner, bypassing some of the worst of the rapids. This decision was made as we are inexperienced with white water and did not have any locals to help us through this section. The Quesnel paddlers met us in Stoner with their canoe.

After unloading and getting everyone organized, and meeting our new paddling companions, we were on the river again.

We had some fast moving water and did face some rapids again today - Chinamen Rapids, but with the help of the local paddlers who had done this section of the river many times, we had no troubles.

Where we stopped for lunch we saw bear and wolf tracks in the sand.

We paddled a total of 35 km today to camp at White's landing with the permission of the owner. We set up camp and some braved the fast and cold water for a swim.