July 24 Prince George reenactment

Today we had only a short 25 km paddle to the old fort site at Prince George. We had a leisurely morning, get into our voyageur outfits and prepare the flags for the reenactment arrival in Prince George.

We stop for a break along the river and can envision being true voyageurs on the same route 100 years ago as the wilderness surrounds us.

There are large unstable cliffs as we approach Prince George and evidence of the ice jam last winter was easily seen.

A large crowd was at the landing spot below the old Fort in Prince George. We had to haul the boats out here and it was a very tall, steep, bank.

Spectators helped haul the big boats up the bank. The media was there taking shots of us paddling and hauling the boat. We got the boats on level ground and headed to the museum for the ceremonies. After the talks and the food we were on our own.

We had permission to set up camp in the park which we did. Then some headed to the local YMCA to have showers, others went to the museum (which was very good), while others relaxed around the camp, unfortunately no fire allowed tonight.

Peter and his canoe left us here to head back to Vanderhoof. We were down to only our two canoes which we loaded on the trailer to meet paddlers from Quesnel joining us with their canoe tomorrow at Stoner.